Tips and Tricks

For Self Storagers in Florida

What to Do in Self Storage

  • Do Label Boxes: Simply putting a description of what is inside the box helps keep everything organized and easy to find later. Always carry a sharpie with when moving into storage.
  • Do Have a Plan: When moving into a storage unit it is helpful to have a strategy of where items will be placed. This will make it easier to keep items organize and in order. Put items used regularly in the front of the unit for easy access and store items you won’t have to move often in the back.
  • Do get Insurance: Insurance is always good to have. It will help make sure your items have an extra layer of protection. Most storage facilities do require you to have insurance. Spacebox Storage offers many different options for storage insurance. Make sure to check your homeowners/renter’s policy because it may cover a storage unit.
  • Do Ask for Help: Don’t be afraid to ask one of our friendly managers for help. Whether you don’t know what size unit you may need, or you need help lifting a heavy item. We are always happy to assist you.
  • Do Invest in a Lock: Just like insurance, you want to make sure your items a protected. Investing in a good lock will help keep your items secure while you are away. We recommend using a disc lock.
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What Not to Do in Self Storage

  • Don’t Store Anything Extremely Valuable: While self-storage is a safe and reliable option for keeping your items. We do not recommend storing valuables and precious goods.
  • Don’t Store Perishable Items: Items like food and beverages are not recommended to store because they attract bugs and rodents. In addition to pesky critters, food items will spoil and attract mold and odors.
  • Don’t Share your Key or Code: Only allow very close friends and family into your storage unit. The fewer people that have access to your storage unit the fewer issues you will have.
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